Spotted from a small town in Bellingham, Washington, twenty one year old Courtney Fortune had begun her musical career. Chris-crossing her style at an early age, while performing at various venues throughout Seattle. As her music expanded, she found a loyal/stable fan base within Japan and the U.K. playing sold-out shows in Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe and an array of clubs across London. Later on down the line she moved to Los Angeles starting her collaboration with four-time Grammy nominated composter/arranger Chris Walden.

A chosen vocalist for The Chris Walden Big Band, along with being the lyricist for the most part, with a numerous amount of pop, jazz, folk projects. Together the two of them began working on her debut “Speak Love.” Combining 11-tracks of rock/pop/jazz toned together to create a combo of jazzy vocals that will keep you grooving to the beat constantly. Some of the songs intend to feature a upbeat and catchy rhythm that leaves the melody ringing in your ear until the night has drawn to a closing. “Care Of Cell,” I Wish You Love,” “Lost In The Memory,” and “Hello Love,” are a handful of the tracks enlisted that grabs the listener’s attention span doubling it into a matter of musical notes you’ll be nodding your head to the beat over and over again.

Courtney Fortune has expressed and developed a unique and creative sound that has inspired the essence of combining a mixture of various genres together, fussing jazz with pop-rock is just one of many combos that will lead towards a never-ending rapture of music.